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Adventures of boy/girl twins and their nervous mom.

Technical Difficulties… October 7, 2010

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Wow, it’s been a super long time since I’ve posted. But I have a VERY good reason. Right before I went back to work from maternity leave, I busted my computer. It was only 31 days old and a gift from my hubby for mother’s day.  I picked up the little laptop by it’s little screen, heard a snap, and watched as the entire screen became covered in ink blots. It was a very sad event and has cut me off from most of my online world. I don’t have time to jump on the internet at work, but I’m home today and brought my work laptop with me. I thought I’d just update since it looks like I’ve jumped ship!

Things are going pretty well. I’m super busy with work and most days feel like a marathon. Up at 6am, at work by 8:30am, work without much time for a break, pick up twins at 5pm, scramble to do baths/dinner/playtime by 7pm, and then it’s off for bed! It’s challenging, but it’s life!

The twins are doing great! At 7 1/2 months, the twins’ personalities are truly shining through. Bodhi is still my sweet baby boy and quite the cuddler. Paloma is still the spitfire and becoming such a busy little girl. I love every minute I get with them, and I can’t wait to see them when we pick them up at daycare.

They’re in their own nursery now and sleep much better. They don’t always sleep through the night, but they’re doing pretty well. I can’t complain!

The one thing I can complain about is I want to see them more! I work everyday and the weekends are chock-full of chores! Family visits, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking dinner for the week ahead, and making baby food keeps mommy and daddy pretty busy. We manage though, and we’ve been getting out – in honor of my favorite season – autumn!

Paloma and Bodhi humoring mommy with a backyard photoshoot.

Paloma’s first taste of an apple in its original form.

Bodhi enjoying the pumpkins.

This mamma will try to do better about posting regularly. I guess I’ll just have to lug my work laptop home with me more often!


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