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Busy Bee June 18, 2010

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These days before the twins go to daycare have been a blur of activity and it doesn’t appear that it will slow down anytime soon. I suppose I should just get used to being busy every waking moment. I’ll be working full time with infant twins. I am servantless and like to cook as much as I can from scratch and keep a clean home. Yep, I’m screwed.

I still have to finish the twins’ daycare paperwork, fold about 5 loads of laundry, and clean the house for my friend Amena’s visit this weekend. This has to be done whenever the twins are asleep at the same time, which is happening right now but clearly I’m busy writing this!

I’m excited to have Amena visit. I met her at work in NYC and from the start we got along really well. Amena is a breast cancer survivor and one of the greatest people I know. When she visits she likes to cook, so I am looking forward to a little break this weekend!

Thankfully, the twins slept very well last night so I feel fairly energetic (as much as a nursing twin mom can!). Dame and I discovered the twins sleep much better in the dark. Imagine that. This entire time we had a bedside table lamp on – it made it much easier to leap out of bed and see/shush the fussing twin so as not to disturb the other. Well, we must’ve confused the twins when it came to when to sleep and when to be awake. With the lights out, it’s a much more restful sleep for them. In fact, I had to wake them up at 3:30am because my breasts were full of milk and sore. Now, if I could only get Paloma to go to sleep without a fight…

OK, off to fold/clean/nurse/play. I’ll get to eat some day!


One Response to “Busy Bee”

  1. Mandey Says:

    Hey mama! Haven’t seen any posts in a long time-I know you’re working now! I bet the babies are getting so big!

    Just thought I’d say hi and hope all is well!

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