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Adventures of boy/girl twins and their nervous mom.

Weekend Wedding June 14, 2010

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M girlfriend got married in Newport, RI this weekend.  It was a lovely, intimate affair and the rain held out long enough for the ceremony to take place.

We were amongst the few invited to stay in the rented house where the wedding was being held. Staying at the wedding site was heavenly because I could easily go to our room to nurse (or nap, which I did!). The one downside of staying at the house was the worry that the twins would wake up the bride or groom or their parents the night before the wedding! But thankfully, the twins were on their best behavior.

As a matter of fact, the groom’s parents were blown away with how well bahaved the twins were. And they really were. Dame and I were able to socialize and have fun because the twins were completely stress free. They napped, ate, and looked adorable. What great travelers!

There was another set of twins at the wedding there as well. They were 1 year old identical boys, and they fussed a bit during the ceremony, but our twins were just watching everything and quiet as mice. Dame and I are so lucky!

The morning of the wedding I was walking by the make-up artist when she asked me if I was on her list of clients that morning. I said no, I’d just do my own make-up. She gave me a pitied look and said, “You should really let me cover up those dark under eye circles.” Someone explained I was a new mom of twins, and the make-up artist just nodded like it was obvious from my haggard appearance.

So I let the woman put some make-up on me.  And boy did she pile on the make-up! I felt like a different person, not necessarily in a good way. I looked like Jaclyn but maybe a different version of me. I guess it was better than looking like a mom zombie!

Our multiple attempts to get a nice picture of Bodhi and me:

And finally…

Twins before ceremony:

Twins during reception:

Twins the morning after wedding*:

*The twins did some spit-up damage to the bed they’re sitting on. Pee-yoo.


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