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Decisions, decisions June 10, 2010

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With twins, I have to make decisions everyday that I wouldn’t if I only had a singleton. There is no opinion here, just a statement. For instance, last night at 3am I was nursing Bodhi. I could see Paloma in her bassinet, arms and legs splayed out and hear her soft breathing. She had taken a long time to go down; we’re not swaddling her anymore so she can easily knock the pacifier out of her mouth which wakes her up everytime.

Then it was time to burp Bodhi. I just sat there on the bed frozen in thought. If I burp him like I normally do, the loud slapping could wake Paloma. If I don’t burp Bodhi, he could wake up screaming with gas at any point in the night. I decided to burp Bodhi…on a low setting. This light tapping on his back was worthless, so I just did it for a longer period of time. Before I knew it, I had been tapping his back for 20 minutes. And no burp! I took the gamble to not wake Paloma, possibly risking Bodhi waking up sooner than later. Thankfully, I gambled right. Bodhi never woke.

There’s also the daytime decisions. If they’re both asleep, I have to decide whom I will wake first to nurse. This doesn’t always work in my favor. Sometimes the baby I do not wake up is the one who wakes up starving only minutes after I start nursing the other. I then have to soothe a screaming baby while another is drinking from my breast.

Part of the reason I stopped tandem nursing is because of the burping issue. They’d finish eating at the same time, but I’d have to put one baby down while I burped the other. Inevitably, the baby lying down would start spitting up and crying from gas. I couldn’t take it anymore and now have to strategically wake one before the other.

And diaper changes? I have to choose who will get a clean diaper first. Tummy time? Same. Whom will get the bottle and whom the breast? Same. Whom will I hold on my lap? Same. Of course, I alternate as often as I can, ensuring that each twin gets enough attention. Did I hold Paloma long enough today, or did I give Paloma more attention than Bodhi? These are constant conversations I have with myself all day long.

Some days I can easily live with my decisions, and some days I feel like I chose wrong. But at 3am in the morning, I thought how ridiculous it is that my day is made of tiny decisions like how hard (loud) I burp my son. I suppose I will need to get used to it, as raising twins promises to be nothing short of decisions, gambles, and compromises. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!


2 Responses to “Decisions, decisions”

  1. Mandey Says:

    I’ve had to think about how hard I burp the boys before-especially at night if I feed them in the bedroom. Sometimes I just feed one in the living room so I can burp him. But I’ve discovered if you hit their back with a closed fist and just kind of make the front of your fist flat so it doesn’t hurt their back you can burp them just as hard with like half the sound. I use that way a lot at night. But also-I really only burp them for like 5 minutes max. If the burp hasn’t come out by then, it probably won’t come out. Sometimes changing positions like leaning them forward on their tummies or just shifting positions can help move air around, or by kind of rubbing their back a little with your fingertips, It makes them kind of squirm which helps move the air around a little. (My mama taught me that one 🙂

    • bigojos Says:

      Thanks, Mandey. I tried the closed fist method last night and it definitely helped with the noise. Unfortunately, I feel like the kids are getting worse at burping. Or maybe this is a good thing. I don’t know, but I’m happy as long as they don’t spit up all their food or wake up crying with gas. 🙂

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