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Adventures of boy/girl twins and their nervous mom.

Cookie Monster June 10, 2010

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Yesterday I made my FIRST EVER batch of cookies from scratch. Chocolate chip/pecan. Heavenly. Simply amazing!

If I had known I’d post about the cookies, I certainly would’ve put the cookies in a prettier dish for the photo! 

When I announced this tasty accomplishment to Dame, he quickly pointed out that this was not my first foray into cookie baking. Previously, I’d attempted to bake cookies that were sugar, dairy, and wheat-free. Does this really count? No one – not even I – enjoyed the rock-hard, 2 pound cookies. This canNOT count. So I will not count them.

So back to my delicious FIRST cookies. I am not sure I can bake them again. I ate 5 cookies yesterday, 2 for breakfast, and I just had another post-lunch nibble. No amount of nursing is going to keep this cookie weight off.  I have zero self-control. Maybe that’s what I just need to find…is that self-control. I should be able to bake when I want to. And no, I don’t have most of the proper tools or appliances to bake in my kitchen, but I enjoyed it all the same! And cookies I bake are much better for me than anything I purchase in the store.

So I just solved my own problem! I will just find my self-control. Task #347 on my grand to-do list.

Not to mention, I don’t want to be a cookie monster. I want to be a veggie monster or a tea monster or a photo monster or a green monster or any number of other kinds of monsters, but not a cookie monster. It’s so..gluttonous and gross.

I guess I’m kind of a baby monster. Ugh, I just feel like a land monster right now. No more cookies! I’m supposed to wear a dress/heels at a wedding this weekend and deliver a toast. This reminds me, I need to come up with something to say for this toast. Off I go to think of my toast, cookie-free.


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