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Growing Pains June 8, 2010

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I have a wedding to attend this weekend (and another in 2 weeks), so I thought I’d wear a summery dress I wore to a wedding 2 years ago. It’d be perfect for the Newport wedding, and I already have the matching shoes. And since I now weigh 156 – just 2 pounds from my starting pregnancy weight (yep, already back down that much in less than 4 months post-partum!) – the dress should fit with no problem. Well, I tried the dress on and it definitely doesn’t fit. How could this be?
It seems pregnancy has changed my body shape, even though I’m in the same weight range. I knew my waist would change, but even my hips seem to be different. And my boobs? WOW. I used to be a large B cup, but I think I might even be a D cup right now – though I’m cheating with nursing.
And I’m most certainly softer than I’ve ever been. This is probably more my own fault than that of my pregnancy. I’m the one who’se been lazy and not exercising very much. So it looks like I’ll need to do some clothes shopping. Yucky yuck.
The twins are doing some growing pains of their own. Or maybe it’s just “pains.” Last night was another night of much interrupted sleep. First it started with Paloma having a screaming fit when I tried to get her to sleep, then one baby woke up and woke the other up. And then repeat. And repeat. Even poor Dame had to get up and help me calm some screaming babies. I have no idea what time this all took place or how much sleep was really had, but I just know it was no fun for anyone.
What makes it all the more painful is that just a week ago, they were sleeping significant chunks of time – sometimes even 7 hours between feedings! Maybe we were too smug about it? Maybe we just got ahead of ourselves thinking that’s how things would go? Well, joke’s on us!
I posted this dilemma on a twins’ mom forum, and someone wrote back that this is how it’s going to be for the first 1 to 2 years! The twins finally get in the swing of a sleep schedule and then something throws them off. It could be a growth spurt or vaccine shots or teething. Sounds like it’s going to be a series of interrupted sleep for the immediate future. Ugh. I miss my sleep SO very much.
Despite all their pain-in-the-buttness at night, I am still absolutely, endlessly, hopelessly in love with my babies. Here are some new pics.


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