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Adventures of boy/girl twins and their nervous mom.

New Discoveries June 1, 2010

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This past weekend Bodhi discovered his hands and feet! His amazement at these moving parts in front of him provided endless entertainment for Dame and me. It was so darn cute. He would wring his hands together in front of his face and then mush them into his mouth. And then he’d do it again and again. There were times he went cross-eyed trying to focus on his fingers.

And then there were his feet. Bodhi was sitting on Dame’s lap and would just lean forward towards his feet. You could see him concentrating so hard on the little piggies as he moved them back and forth. He came so close to actually touching them, but toe-touching will be saved for another day.

Paloma hasn’t yet had the same exploration of her hands and feet as Bodhi, but she’s certainly been busy staring at the dangling toys from her bouncy and car seats. For 3 months she’s completely ignored these toys, but as we approach the 3 1/2 month mark she’s seem to notice them. And yes, these toys actually seem to entertain her…for a few minutes anyway.

 Now this part of parenting is fun! Finally, there’s the smiles, and the giggles, and the discovery of their moving body parts. It’s definitely a lot of fun and feels like a reward for all the dirty diapers and sleepless nights.

Here’s a photo of Bodhi checking out his hands:

And Memorial Day weekend was the big debut of the twins to my extended family. We drove to RI to my mom’s house for her annual Memorial Day BBQ, and it seemed the day was a reunion of sorts. There were cousins, aunts, and, uncles I hadn’t seen for close to 15 years! It was nice to catch up with everyone, though there were some nerve-wracking moments. You know, when my senile grandmother wanted to hold both twins at once (the twins are at least 15 pounds each! ). Thankfully, all went fine, and the travel and late bedtime didn’t affect the twins too badly.

Here are some BBQ photos:

Daddy holding the twins:

4 Generations – me, the twins, my mom, my grandmother:


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