SuperMama and Los Twinguinos

Adventures of boy/girl twins and their nervous mom.

Tis was a good day… May 30, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — bigojos @ 1:51 am

Today was a good day. We bought a gas grill and fired it up with some friends. Had some sausage, some wine, and lots of veggies and feeling good. It was so nice to have a couple of girls over (the boys all hovered around the grill for the entire day) and just chat. Most of the conversations were about adorable twin infants, but I have no problems with this at all. 🙂

The wine probably made me too honest, but sometimes I think I need to let go just a little. Sometimes I need to just reach out to other humans and be…well, human.

Now my belly is full, the babies are asleep (fingers crossed they stay that way!), and I’m ready to cuddle up to my pillows and hubby.

Tis was a VERY good day.


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