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Rain Rain Go Away May 19, 2010

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Another day of rain in the Boston area, which means we can’t go for our daily walk today. Bummer. I will need to do some exercise today so I will do some ab work and some resistance bands for arms.  As far as I have come, I did see a picture of myself at my boss’s house from this past weekend and my arms look doughy and soft. Yuck. Once upon a time I did have nicely toned arms, so I need to get those resistance bands out more often.

I’m doing really well with the food though. I’ve made sure to stock the house with healthy foods that are easy to reach since the kids keep me pretty occupied during the day.

And speaking of kids…I think Dame and I got a little too complacent when it comes to their sleeping. For about a week they were sleeping through the night – well, almost. Bodhi would go to sleep from 9pm to 2:30am and from 3am to 5am. Paloma was sleeping from 10pm to 5am. Awesome, right? Well, that wasn’t the case last night. Bodhi woke for food every 3 hours, and Paloma had a screaming fit before she fell asleep. Boy, did she have a fit. Poor Dame tried everything to calm her down and she just screamed. It was awful. I hadn’t seen her that upset in a while.

However [evil smirk] there was an up side here. When I took her from Dame, she calmed down in a couple of minutes. It was such a precious moment for me. Dame wasn’t very pleased, and I assured him he is the one who really calmed her down – I just came in at the end. But it was so sweet. She put her head in the crook of my neck and her screams turned to wimpers and sniffles and then altogether stopped. As a mother, these are the moments I live for. These moments are the reason I wanted to become a mother. I just held her in my arms and she fell asleep. It was such a wonderful feeling.

Today my babies are 3 months. I can’t believe it. It feels like yesterday when I took a positive pregnancy test (when I was VERY hungover). They are the most wonderful little people, and I am so thrilled to watch them grow.


2 Responses to “Rain Rain Go Away”

  1. Tina Says:

    Do you have a mall you could walk in? I think this is going to be my new favorite exercise. FL is getting too hot for walking already. Today a friend came in town for a wedding and didn’t have anything to wear (lives in remote area of NC and lost a ton of weight). I threw on my Fitflops, grabbed my baby marsupial carrier thingy, and the stroller and off we went. I got much more of a workout than I expected. 🙂

    • bigojos Says:

      I do live near a mall, but unfortunately, I don’t have a car! We just moved to the sburbs in Dec so we still only haveone car, and now that we don’t live near the subway m y hubby has to drive to work. I’ve decided I’ll just ge up super early and go out alone rain or shine! Well, it worked today so lets see if can continue it! 🙂

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