SuperMama and Los Twinguinos

Adventures of boy/girl twins and their nervous mom.

Split Personality May 17, 2010

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Last night I went to my boss’s home for a work dinner party. I haven’t been that excited to get out of the house in a long time! I got all dolled up with hair and make-up, kissed my babies goodbye and was out the door! Dame stayed home to watch the kids, and a couple friends of ours came over to keep him company. Dame insisted he could handle the kids alone but was more than happy to have company.

So there I was – just 3 months post-partum with a drink in my hand, wooping it up with my co-worker friends, even dancing salsa in my heels. Oh, how fun it was to feel like a normal person having adult conversations! Dame texted me updates and said the babies were asleep and to enjoy myself so then I had some champagne. I came close to taking a puff of a Cuban cigar (just to say I did) but opted out at the last minute. After a fun-filled night, I was home with my hubby and sleeping twins by 11:15pm. Wild and crazy I am.

And then I woke up at 6am, ate breakfast, went food shopping, cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner, cleaned, and loved loved loved those babies. And I did it all in sweats and a nursing bra sans nice hair and make-up.

I’ve decided I want it all! I want to be the best mommy to those babies, but I also want a life for myself outside of our home. I have 6 weeks of maternity leave left, and I intend to enjoy every minute of it. But when I get back to work I plan on being superwoman. I want to have it all. Why the hell can’t I? I suppose I’ll have to sacrifice something, probably sleep, but won’t it be worth it? I want to be the laid back mommy and the social hottie. I want to be the loving caregiver and the feisty friend. Ay, I’m already exhausted thinking of trying to be the best at everything!

But first thing’s first. In order to be the cool mommy and hottie,  I have to look and feel my best. So today I went to the best store for fresh produce and loaded up! I got as much fresh fruits and veggies as I could carry. I love warm months in MA because it’s really the only time I crave fresh fruits and veggies. Check out my haul below.

Tomorrow is Monday, which is weigh-in day. Dun dun dun….I don’t think there will be any change this week. But it’s OK because I’m determined to succeed!


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