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Meltdown for all! May 13, 2010

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Yesterday I had a Dr’s appt to get an IUD put in for 5 years. Of course, it seemed like everything was going wrong! The kids were not happy about getting dressed and getting in the car, so Bodhi had a meltdown while I was driving. And a meltdown for him is top-of-the-lungs screaming with tears and the works! I’m driving, unsure if I’m going the right way and he’s just losing it. I swear, I almost cried myself. This is when I regretted that second cup of coffee, as I was sweaty and jittery. And I definitely said, “I’m never doing this again!” to myself about driving with the twins alone.  But finally he settled down and fell asleep. Phew.

Dame met me at the hospital so he could help with the kids while I was with the doctor. We get in the elevator and wouldn’t you know it, we get stuck! Yep, the door wouldn’t open, and we didn’t move. It was probably only 5 minutes before a guy manually opened the door, but boy was I a mess! I tried to remain calm in front of the other people in the elevator, but inside I was having a meltdown myself! It was getting hot, and all I could think of was the babies…and ugh, I don’t want to think of it anymore.

Finally, at the doctor for my IUD. I give some pee, time passes, blah, blah. Doctor says, “Jaclyn, is there any way you could be pregnant?” WHAT????? The pregnancy test I took (required before placement of IUD) had 2 lines. Talk about meltdown! She assured me it was probably wrong and asked me to take another. I had to wait around 10 minutes for the nurse to come back for another test, and I was trying so hard not to freak out. How could this possible? What if it’s true? There were so many things going through my mind. But of course, the second test was negative to my relief. The doctor said the other test probably stayed out too long. Holy crap.

Of course, Dame had a meltdown when I told him the story! Geez, it really was meltdown day for all!

But the GREAT news of the day was how much the scale said. It said 161.5! Yes! Last appt was 4 weeks ago, and I weighed 168 pounds so I lost 7 in the last month! My home scale says 164.4, which is the number I am using for the online weight loss competition. But just knowing what the doctor’s scale said makes me so darn happy!


One Response to “Meltdown for all!”

  1. Mama Mando Says:

    Oh my goodness I know exactly how you feel! It gets this way at my house when I want to go for a walk with the boys. Both usually start screaming the minute I put them in their car seats. I learned quickly though that they’re just going to have to cry for a few minutes because I know once we get out the door they eventually get over it. OH the joys of 2!

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