SuperMama and Los Twinguinos

Adventures of boy/girl twins and their nervous mom.

Try, try again May 4, 2010

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Now that my mother-in-law has departed, I can resume my operation “lose the baby fat” crusade or something clever like that. I did manage to lose about a pound despite the fact that Dame’s mum made fudgy brownies and giant fried burgers for us.

Last week’s weight: 167.8

This week’s weight: 166.6

Yes, this week’s number is creepy. I’m learning to live with it. Exercise has been a challenge because it’s been so darn hot and humid here in Boston. We only have AC in the master bedroom, so I’ve been spending my time in there with the kiddies. There is zero room to exercise in my room, and it’s been too hot to take the kiddies for a walk. I might have to start waking up at 6am to go for a walk alone or something. Hmmm…that’s not a bad idea…

Not to mention I was afraid to sweat because I couldn’t use our water to shower or even wash my hands! Boston’s water supply had been recently contaminated so we couldn’t use the water without boiling it first. I was not about to boil gallons of water for a bath (I was being super cautious because I’m nursing), but now we can resume use of water – but it’s still too hot for the babies.

Speaking of babies, what’s so great about having twins on the same schedule? I am NOT a fan. They had recently been on different schedules, so when one was awake, the other asleep. I’ve decided this is better. Sure, it’s way busier, but I get one on one time with each baby and there’s very little crying involved. Now that they’re on the same schedule, there is always someone who is crying. I can’t change 2 diapers at a time or burp both at once. And I tried to tandem nurse, but Bodhi isn’t into it anymore. So now I get to listen to crying for most of the day. The flipside is that they do nap at the same time so that does free up some me time, and I don’t feel guilty about it. I suppose I’ll have to adjust, which is all part of being a mommy of twins.

But there is great news! The babies are doing so much better at night! Sure, Paloma still won’t fall asleep until 11pm but last night she slept until 4am before I woke her up to feed her! And Bodhi slept from 10pm until almost 3am. Wowzer. I feel so refreshed today. I didn’t even make Dame get up for a bottle feeding. I just had him help me when I nursed. Awesome. Keep up the good work, kids!


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