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Adventures of boy/girl twins and their nervous mom.

The Road to Hell… April 29, 2010

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Dear whomever is in charge,

My kids are both asleep by 9:30pm. Please let them stay asleep for a few hours. This would be the first time in their 9 weeks of life that they went to sleep together this early in the night. If you could do me this favor, I would really REALLY appreciate it.

Thank you,



Day #2 of weight loss challenge has been…well, a challenge. Day #1 was a piece of cake. I ate really well, and I even managed to exercise. I thought I was so clever. When the twins were asleep I ran up and down my apartment stairs. Well, I ran up and down maybe twice and walked up and down several times more. There wasn’t much running. I also managed to do some arm exercises with resistance bands. All in the comfort of my living room with my babies by my side. I thought to myself, “This is a piece of cake. I can do this. I will lose weight, win the competition, and look great in no time!” And then today happened.

I woke up with the twins like any other day and ate a sensible breakfast. Food is the biggest pitfall of my weightloss regime. I know this, which is why I have to make a conscious effort to be good so I would. And then my mother-in-law came. And she came armed. She brought fudgy walnut brownies and banana bread and scones and all sorts of awesome mother-in-law goodies. And what did she do? She laid them out on a pretty plate and put that pretty plate within arm’s reach while I was breastfeeding. What was I supposed to do? Reject her very sweet gesture? I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. It would’ve been rude. So I ate. But in my defense, I only had 1 small brownie and 1 piece of banana bread. I think that’s pretty good considering. But then I had an awesome pork-turkey burger that she made. It was so stinkin good. With cheese on a giant (whole wheat!) bun. And no exercise today, though I did manage a nap which makes me feel so much better!

So that was today. Not a great #2 day but not my worst either. This weightloss attempt is a marathon not a sprint! Let’s try better for day #3.


On another note, my beautiful babies are 9 weeks today! They are such beauties with their big smiles and their giggles. How I love them so much.

And like I asked, PLEASE let them sleep a few hours. Thank you.


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