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Let’s Do This April 27, 2010

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Mandey from The REAL Skinny blog (listed right) has organized an online weight loss competition. I’m psyched. I need a bit of motivation and some healthy competition to keep my butt in gear.

I gained 60 pounds during my twin pregnancy, which I think is reasonable considering I carried two babies to term and they weighed almost 14 pounds total. Unfortunately, I wasn’t at my ideal weight when I got pregnant so I have quite a ways to go.

Current Weight: 167.8

Goal Weight: 140

As a reminder of what I looked like before my wedding in 2006:
*Sigh* Dame and I were such hotties. Even poor Dame has gained some weight with my pregnancy.

I’ve found my most success with weightloss has come when I’ve made specific goals. So here are mine:

1. Lose 27 pounds

2. Buy some new jeans/slacks that are size 8 (I was a 6 pre-wedding)

3. Run 5k with Dame – just like we did before!

4. Tone my arms/shoulders to show-off my tattoos

I think that’s it. I’d like to limit my goals so I can keep focused on them.

Ok, here’s another hot pic of me and Dame on our honeymoon. So let’s do this!


One Response to “Let’s Do This”

  1. Mama Mando Says:

    LOVE it! Keep looking back at this on days you need motivation 🙂

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