SuperMama and Los Twinguinos

Adventures of boy/girl twins and their nervous mom.

Ode to Bodhi Atticus April 24, 2010

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Dear Bodhi,

I love you. You’re my first, and probably only, son. I love everything about you…

  • I love the way your arms stick stiffly in the air while you’re sleeping, as if you’re quieting an imaginary audience.
  • I love the way you struggle each morning with latching on my breast, as if the night’s sleep erased your memory of how to eat.
  • I love the way you look daddy directly in the eyes when you’re letting out the loudest and longest farts.
  • I love the way you sucked on your hands for days after coming into this world.
  • I love that when you get upset you accidentally smack yourself in the face and make yourself cry harder.
  • I love the way you stroke the back of your head when you’re relaxing.
  • I love the fact that your head has grown so quickly that your hair hasn’t been able to keep up with it, so it looks like you’re balding in the middle of your noggin.
  • I love the way you continue to suck even after the pacifier falls out of your mouth.
  • I love how your eyelashes took weeks to grow but now extend and curl like you’ve spent hours in the mirror styling them.
  • I love the way you baby talk and tell me the most interesting stories.
  • I love how doctors weren’t able to confirm if you were a boy for a couple of weeks, warning us that what appeared to be a penis could be an umbilical cord.
  • I love that your head is so heavy you struggle to lift it during tummy time and my arm falls asleep when I hold you for too long.
  • I love that the skin above your eyebrows turns bright white when you scream to be fed.
  • I love that you think you can’t breathe when it’s too windy.
  • I love when you struggle to open your eyes when the lights are too bright.

I love everything about you, son. My love for your is unconditional. There will never be a day when my heart doesn’t beat for you. Mama will always always love you.


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