SuperMama and Los Twinguinos

Adventures of boy/girl twins and their nervous mom.

Bedtime Battle April 19, 2010

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This is Paloma. This is Paloma sleeping. This is what Paloma thinks she hates. I just spent the last 3 1/2 hours trying to get Paloma to go to sleep. She can be on the verge of sleep, eyes heavy and rolling in the back of her head. Her mouth wide open you might even hear a baby snore, but the moment you try to swaddle her, she starts screaming her head off. You’d think I was twisting her arm behind her back. She looks up at you with her big brown eyes and screams and screams. I want to cry myself, half the time out of frustration and the other half out of sadness that I must be torturing my daughter. But I’m not. I’m just trying to get her to go to sleep. It becomes so frustrating that I just let her lay in bed with me (I’m on computer or reading while trying to ignore her) until she gets tired. However, we never know when she’s going to get tired.

The crazy thing is Paloma must like to sleep. Yeah, she must. Once you’ve wrestled her down, she’ll sleep 4 hours straight. Sometimes even 5 hours and once even 6 hours. Now, does that sound like torture to you??? And just try to wake her up – she certainly doesn’t do it easily or gracefully or willingly.

Every night when the day approaches dinner time I get slightly anxious. I know I’m in store for another battle. I know little miss is going to be tough. I know I am going to lose precious time for my own sleep.

On the complete opposite end is Bodhi. Bodhi will fall asleep in 5 minutes (thanks, Bode!), but he’ll be awake in 2 hours for a feeding. So I get him down to sleep with no problem. I fight with Paloma and finally get her to sleep and then it’s time for Bodhi to get up for a feeding. It never ends, which is why bedtime blows.


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